firefighter's credit union: three years into their brandsformation®, they doubled their assets from $30 million to over $65 million.

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as time progressed, i realized that we had a sort of identity crisis. meaning, people did not know who we were and because of our name, they didn't know they could come and do business with us. we knew that in order to get on the general public's radar, and thus get new members, we had to take a leap of faith and start a branding campaign. i am amazed by the results and the brand awareness the brandsformation® campaign has created for us. we have overcome our identity crisis and people actually know now who we are and what we do. although, it does take a great deal of patience since you are not just advertising a sale but creating a definitely pays off in the end.

bruce zmolek, firefighters credit union

about us

we have a passion for small-business america. although we have had the pleasure of working with a plethora of "big dog" corporations like budweiser and bmw, our hearts root for the underdog every time. why? because even with all the challenges of this rapidly changing world, small businesses still provide the most fertile ground around for ambitious men and women to go for it—to pursue their dreams, exercise their personal autonomy, and unleash their creative talents! ….it's true; we're a bit obsessed with the david vs. goliath story. you may be the best at what you do. you may have a great story to tell. but if no one knows, what's the point? that's where brandsformation® comes in. we customize a plan for your brandsformation®. one of our strengths is uncovering your story and developing brand strategy that connects your business with consumers. after all, that's what branding is at its core..making an emotional connection with consumers. the brandsformation® team can help you make the connection and become the business that people think of first when they need the product or service you offer.

femme vitale (hormone therapy):53% increase in new patients in less than 18 months!

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within eighteen months of our brandsformation®, we saw a 53% increases in the number of new patients walking through our doors. people were hearing our name on the radio over and over. at first, i didn't think it was necessary to run so often and so consistently, but that's really an important element of the brandsformation® system. pretty soon we had patients whose husbands referred them to us because they heard our commercials! for a husband to make that connection, and refer their wives due to our branding efforts, well it's pretty special.

dr. larry cairns, md ob/gyn, femme vitale

making your practice a household name

brandsformation® is a marketing firm that has made million-dollar

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differences for chiropractors, dentists, doctors and more. we are one of the few firms in america that "puts our money where our mouth is"...our pay is directly tied to your results. our brandsformation® team is on a mission to brandsform practices all across america and we're on a roll. if an roi-based marketing system makes sense for your practice...let's talk.

"i opened my own practice to help and to heal people, and i soon found out that i had to run a business, too."

i've heard this response from healthcare professionals over and over again when i ask the question "what do you know now that you didn't know then?"

their, almost universal, response is exactly why i decided to write brandsformation® for healthcare practices.

brandsformation® will teach you what you were never taught in all your years of to grow a successful business. it is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement playbook for growing your practice and becoming "the one" people think of first when they need the products or services you offer.

pinnacle health and fitness: profits doubled!

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we went to a couple of brandsformation® seminars several years ago where we internalized and adopted some of the methods. interestingly, we achieved success ourselves by merely implementing the brandsformation® strategy we got from chuck's book and seminars only. once we totally embraced chuck's branding concepts, our customer base increased 16%, our revenues have increased 38% and our profitability has doubled. we have been able to undertake a $1.5 million expansion project thanks to the brandsformation® success.

mike mcmahon, pinnacle health and fitness

brandsformation® services

• consulting

• marketing and brand strategy

• keynote speeches

• training workshops and seminars

• media buying and production

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optical fashions: sales are up between 30%-40%!

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we wanted to expand our practice from a 2-man to a full 3-man practice. my goal was to make our third optometrist busy. i thought that i would have to work less and shift new patients to them and it would take longer than it did. now we actually have a backlog of clients. thanks to brandsformation® in three years we became a complete 3-man practice and sales are up between 30% and 40%!

dr. john c. hoehn, o.d., optical fashions

the medicine shoppe: we tripled our "natural" business in less than a year!

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we had spent so much marketing money in very different areas to see what would be successful to get our name out there and nothing seemed to work. in our business planning in past years, we wanted to increase our "natural" business, looking beyond low-margin prescriptions. that is when we had our brandsformation® moment and decided to use chuck to help us reach our goals. he developed the strategy-based message, "are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?"® within a year we tripled our "natural" business and have had double-digit sales growth the past 2-3 years consistently, despite being one of 41 drug stores in springfield, il.

dave mikus, the medicine shoppe


"at last, an easy-to-read marketing book for the small, local business. follow chuck mefford's advice and someday you might be looking for help for a big brand."
- jack trout, marketing guru and bestselling author

branding is all about making an emotional connection with consumers so that your business becomes top-of-mind. you want to be the business that people think of first when they need the products or service you offer. in this book, chuck shares real branding success stories as well his 4-step system for branding a good, small business. brandsformation® takes away any mystery from branding and shows you how to become a household name and grow your business, just like the big guys!

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"communicating your message is key, and physicians need to brand their name in an effective way. if you want to learn how, there's no better place to look than this brandsformation® book."
- dr. manny alvarez, senior managing editor, fox news channel

brandsformation® for healthcare employs the same, proven 4-step system, but it is written specifically for healthcare professionals to deal with the unique needs and constantly changing, fast-paced healthcare industry. you will learn how, like the big guys, to own "mental real estate" in the minds of consumers. brandsformation® for healthcare will help you to uncover your your brand and grow your practice.

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alwan & sons meat company: $1.4 million sales increase in the first year of their brandsformation®!

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in 2001, we took over our family business - alwan & sons meat company. we had a $7,000 yearly advertising budget and a rundown shop. in 2007, i decided to attend a chuck mefford brandsformation® seminar and instantly became impressed with how much i did not know about how to successfully market our family brand. in our first year together (2008) we increased our retail sales $1.4 million dollars despite 2008 being the worst economy our country has faced since the great depression! we have significantly increased our brand awareness, all around peoria. our business continues to grow successfully every year; thanks to chuck's great brandsformation® system…it's our secret weapon!

brian alwan, alwan & sons meat company

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